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Jack Eason


Jack speaks for Churches, Conferences, Camps, SCHOOLS, and Retreat Ministries

  Jack Eason with his wife Lynette, and their two children Lauryn and Will.

Jack Eason with his wife Lynette, and their two children Lauryn and Will.

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May 7-11 Gaylord, MI
May 15-16 Watertown, NY
May 22-Brevard, NC
Jun 5-17-Dominican Republic
Aug 17-18-S. Bend, IN
Sep 4-6-Atlanta, GA
Sep 7-19 Malawi, Africa
Sep 27-28 New York
Oct 2-4-Port Huron, MI
Oct 4-St Paul, MN
Oct 8-12-Gaylord, MI
Oct 16-18-Milton, DE
Oct 23-24-Shepherd, NY

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Jack Eason: Passionate About Doing Life Together

Jack is the Executive Stateside Director of Crossover CUPS Mission, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that has been privileged to serve the local Church and missions-related organizations around the world for over 25 years. Through the ministry of Crossover, Jack's team led student camps on the East and West Coasts for many years. Jack also produced a nationally syndicated radio and television show aimed at students for over 15 years. Now the Crossover CUPS mission impacts the lives of families in the Dominican Republic.

Jack has been serving in ministry leadership since  1989.  He has served on church staff as a youth pastor, worship leader, associate pastor, and currently is planting a church.  Jack has spoken for many DiscipleNow weekends and student camps, including LifeWay's FUGE Camps, BEACHCamp, and State Youth Conferences.  Additionally, Jack served in partnership with the North American Mission Board for seven years by helping produce the Kaleo Conference, an event aimed at helping students hear God's voice to ministry leadership.

Having served as a student pastor for years and traveled in itinerant ministry for youth events around the country, Jack knows how to connect with students by being real, transparent, and honest — and by meeting them where they’re at.  

He also speaks for DiscipleNow weekends, retreats, community outreach events, capital campaigns, special missions emphasis services, and conferences. He'd love to come be a part of your next event.

Jack is married to Lynette Eason (the real famous one in their family, an accomplished author) and is the father of Lauryn and Will.  He and his family live in Simpsonville, SC.  Jack loves Jesus, his family, sweet tea, and serving others.  

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Jack in Action

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Crazy Faith: Stories From Then and Now

When you read verses like 2 Timothy 1:12 in the Bible and give them serious thought, the attitude that many of these people in scripture displayed seems somewhat ludicrous today, maybe even CRAZY. And yet, when you look at what God did in their lives, it took that kind of extraordinary faith in an extraordinary God to see extraordinary things happen. Maybe that is why today, we see few things that we would define as “Extraordinary.” We’ve become so accustomed to the mundane and ordinary. Yet it’s that CRAZY FAITH that makes all the difference. That is the purpose of this book: to highlight those people from the scriptures and those people who today exemplify CRAZY FAITH. People who have defied what logic told them to do; people who have trusted in what God said above what things looked like with the natural eye – people with CRAZY FAITH.

You can do it.

People did it through scripture.
People are doing it today.
Take the leap.

It's crazy faith.


Jack has a heart for God, the gospel, and the local church. There is nothing fake or phony about Jack. He is the real deal!
— Clayton King President, Crossroads Worldwide/Youth Evangelist
Jack Eason is like the Good Samaritan who climbs down in the ditch and mends the needs of the broken. He would be great for your event.
— Mike G. Williams Missionary, Cups of Cold Water
Jack Eason is a proven man of God with an exceptional history of personal and spiritual integrity. I have personally been blessed in the ministries I have led by Jack’s excellence as a speaker and worship leader. You will find very few men who are as passionate about the advancement of the Gospel, the next generation, and the Church than Jack.
— Scott Kindig Former Youth Ministry Consultant, Georgia Baptist Convention
Jack Eason is passionate, focused, and insightful about helping this generation of rising ministry leaders to understand their calling.
— Dr. Bob Cline Vice President for Christian Life Anderson University, Anderson, SC
Jack’s relationship with the Lord is obvious and contagious.
— Robert Shaw Pastor, Garden City Chapel and Conference Center, Garden City, SC
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A Friday-Saturday training for staff and key leaders at your church or ministry. Includes hands-on training “in the field” on Saturday. We can include leadership students as well.


Jack enjoys sharing in a retreat setting so he can have some one on one time with students. Getting away is a great way to help people experience God in a fresh environment.


Jack has a limited number of Sundays where he can get away to share with your congregation and challenge them in their spiritual walks.


Spiritual emphasis

Many Christian schools have had Jack in for Spiritual Emphasis Weeks where Jack will spend several days on campus preaching and teaching in the classroom. He loves this one on one time with students and multi-day events where students and faculty can be challenged.

mens conferences

Summer camps

Summer camps are one of Jack's pastimes and they afford an opportunity for Jack to spend multiple days with students going deeper into topics they are struggling with.

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