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Jack Eason


Jack Can encourage your partners to understand
”we are better together!”


About Jack Eason

Jack Eason serves nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and around the world as a consultant for fundraising, growth and development, board governance, and other areas of ministry leadership. 

In the last 15 years, God has used him to raise tens of millions of dollars for organizations like Christian radio, children's homes, mission efforts, pregnancy centers, and more. 

Whether it be raising funds for your upcoming special event or facilitating a training for your Staff and Board of Directors, Jack Eason not only has a heart to serve… he has the experience to connect and impact your team.  Simply put, Jack gets results for the groups he speaks for!  

Jack is passionate about helping people understand the impact we can have when we work TOGETHER. And he believes God's shovel is big enough to fund all legitimate ministry. Sometimes it's hard to ask for money. But Jack has a gift for doing just that. He knows he isn't asking people for money, but asking for people to PARTNER with God. Jack's ministry experience includes serving on church staff as a student pastor, worship leader, and church planter. He served as a consultant for the North American Mission Board for seven years. Additionally, Jack produced a nationally syndicated radio and television show and did camp ministry through his own non-profit organization. He knows what it's like to run a non-profit organization.

If your organization is looking for someone who is passionate about ministries that are making a difference, and who knows how to raise money without manipulation but through genuine appeal, then you should have Jack come in for your event.


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Jack Eason

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Jack was dedicated in devising and developing potential strategies to attract resources and monetary gifts as well as cultivate ongoing relationships with donors and our community. His dedication to our ministry and it’s needs will be greatly beneficial in any of our future endeavors.
— Emily Milam, Resources for Women, Sylacauga, AL
Jack’s insight into our center’s work has taken us to a new level! We are so thankful to have partnered and continue to partner with him.
— Tamela Polanin, Lighthouse Pregnancy & Health Services, Vandalia, IL
Jack Eason is like the Good Samaritan who climbs down in the ditch and mends the needs of the broken. He would be great for your event.
— Mike Williams, Missionary/Speaker
Jack (Eason) did such an amazing job engaging our audience. He is very laid back but passionate about life and he really got that message across to our audience. He arrived the day before and joined our board of directors and myself for dinner. Jack was very encouraging to our board and gave great ideas that I cannot wait to implement this coming year! At the end of dinner, Jack spoke up and said, “You know, I am going to pray for $XX,XXX for this banquet.” The board and I just looked at each other and said ‘ok’ with a bit of trepidation. Later that evening when we were finished counting (the donations), I could only be amazed that we actually did over this amount! This was our best banquet ever!
— Pregnancy Support Group
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Have Jack for your event!


board training

Jack understands that there is no “one size fits all“ solution to board training and development. Whether it is facilitating board retreats, sharing knowledge on best practices, honing solicitation skills, or developing frameworks for nomination committees, HSG provides services to maximize board effectiveness.


A knowledgeable and skilled team of professional staff is critical for success in every organization. Jack provides an extensive range of staff training and development services rooted in best practices and tailored to address the specific issues facing your organization. He will work with staff to build internal effectiveness as well as the team’s effectiveness in facilitating and supporting board and volunteer leadership.

Banquet speaking

Jack enjoys speaking for your banquet and helping your organization raise the money it needs to go to the next level. He doesn't just blow in for the night, but comes in a day before to meet with you team, talk through the event, and be knowledgable about where your organization desires to see happen.


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