Crazy Faith

Stories from then and now.


You can do it.

People did it thru scripture.
People are doing it today.
Take the leap.

It's Crazy Faith.


What is Crazy Faith?

"Extraordinary faith in an extraordinary God."


When you read verses like 2 Timothy 1:12 in the Bible and give them serious thought, the attitude that many of these people in Scripture displayed seems somewhat ludicrous today, maybe even crazy. And yet, when you look at what God did in their lives, it took that kind of extraordinary faith in an extraordinary God to see extraordinary things happen. Maybe that is why today, we see few things that we would define as “extraordinary.” We’ve become so accustomed to the mundane and ordinary. Yet it’s that CRAZY FAITH that makes all the difference. That is the purpose of this book: to highlight those people from the Scriptures and those people who today exemplify CRAZY FAITH. People who have stood for truth, even against kings; people who have defied what logic told them to do; people who have trusted in what God said above what things looked like with the natural eye-people with crazy faith.

Why Crazy Faith?

"This practical book will inspire you and challenge you to take the risks to follow God's plan for your life."


"As a Christian, I’d like to think I have a strong faith in God. After all, I’ve read so many stories in the Bible where God did amazing things in the lives of those that truly chased after Him. But for some reason I still have days where I question God. Where is He? What is He doing? Why won’t He answer my prayer?

It’s usually in moments of desperation that I find myself on my knees pleading with God to show up. To give direction. To bring comfort. To help me. And then He does…..usually in unexpected ways. 

As a filmmaker, I’ve had plenty of ups and downs. But the more I learn to walk with God, the more I expect those days where He allows me to be “stretched” in my faith. You see, that’s when I do the most growing. Unfortunately, I don’t grow much when things are smooth and comfortable. In truth, I tend to get lazy and apathetic if I stay in a quiet season for too long. But I’ve found that as a child of God, He doesn’t let me stay there. He challenges me, tests me, and calls me to a deeper level of faith and obedience." 

Alex Kendrick
Writer/Producer, ""War Room" Movie, "Courageous", "Flywheel", "Facing the Giants", and "Fireproof"

"Crazy Faith is an inspiring collection of stories about ordinary people, from both the Bible and Jack's personal experience, who exhibit infectious faith in an extraordinary God."

Aaron Shust
Centricity Recording Artist/Songwriter

“Jack Eason is passionate about connecting people to their ultimate purpose – finding and following God’s plan.  This practical book will inspire you and challenge you to take the risks to follow God’s plan for your life.  When you do, you embark on the great adventure of discovering life worth living.  Read this book and get moving!”

Dr. Jeff Lorg
President, Golden Gate Seminary
Author of “The Character of Leadership”, “The Painful Side of Leadership”, and others

"Many are deeply driven to clearly hear the voice of God within their own hearts. “Crazy Faith” not only provides biblical principles for the discernment of God’s voice in our daily lives, but gives tangible examples of how many serving in the kingdom today have heard and are hearing God’s voice in their daily work. In the era of the Christian-celebrity, it is insightful to read a book that focuses its attention upon true servants who are making a kingdom impact without being on camera. “Crazy Faith” will be informative and inspiring to all who pick it up.”

Dr. Kneeland C. Brown
Former Executive Director, Focus Leadership Institute, Focus on the Family
Dean of Business
Indiana Wesleyan University

"I've known Jack for 20 years and have appreciated his hard work and consistent pursuit of God's call to ministry. Jack has nailed it when it comes to sharing what believers need to be inspired to live a life of Crazy Faith! These people from Scripture along with modern day stories of those living with reckless abandon to Christ will inspire you to have greater faith in God."

Clayton King
President, Crossroads Worldwide
Teaching Pastor, Newspring Church
Campus Pastor, Liberty University

"To a secular mentality, faith must seem crazy, but the person who walks with Christ knows that faith is central to our lives. I Crazy Faith, Jack Eason uses the lives of biblical characters who demonstrated "crazy faith" to help us all recognize what can happen in our lives if we share in that all-in level of commitment. In this enjoyable book, each of us will be challenged to exhibit that "crazy faith" for ourselves."

Michael Duduit
Executive Editor, Preaching Magazine
Founding Dean, College of Christian Studies and Clamp Divinity School, Anderson University, Anderson, SC

Crazy Faith: Stories from Now and Then was inspired by John Waller's song, 

"Crazy Faith" which is featured in the new Kendrick brothers film, War Room.

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About the Author:

Jack Eason is the Executive Director of Crossover Cups Mission. In addition to Jack traveling and speaking, Crossover also has a mission in the Dominican Republic helping young girls learn how to sew and sharing the gospel. Jack, his wife, Lynette, and their two kids make their home in Greenville, SC.